MCSA  : Networking with Windows Server [70-741]


หลักสูตร 70-741 คุณจะได้เรียนรู้เกี่ยวกับ ...

Chapter 1   Implement Domain Name System (DNS)

1.1 Install and configure DNS servers
1.2 Create and configure DNS zones and records
1.3 Install and configure DHCP
1.4 Manage and maintain DHCP

Chapter 2   Implement DHCP

2.1 Manage DNS and DHCP using IPAM
2.2 Audit IPAM

Chapter 3  Implement IP Address Management (IPAM)

3.1 Install and configure IP Address Management(IPAM)
3.2 Manage DNS and DHCP using IPAM
3.3 Audit IPAM

Chapter 4  Implement network connectivity and remote access solutions

4.1 Implement network connectivity solutions
4.2 Implement virtual private network(VPN) and Direct Access solution
4.3 Implement Network Policy Server(NPS)

Chapter 5  Implement core and distributed network solutions

5.1 Implement IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
5.2 Implement Distributed File System(DFS)and Branch Office solutions
5.3 Implement Network Policy Server(NPS)

Chapter 6  Implement an advanced network infrastructure 

6.1 Implement high performance network solutions
6.2 Determine scenarios and requirements for implementing software-defined networking(SDN)